Squash Skills Progess Awards
Junior Squash Skills Progress Awards

Posted - Jan 2016


A Junior Squash Skills Progress Awards with 6 levels has been developed by the Coaching Team. Juniors will be able to work through the levels as they improve. Each level has 8 skills, which if successfully demonstrated to the coaching team, will lead to achieving that award. Levels go up from level 1 to 6 and will be awarded in this order.


Juniors  will be able to work on the skills they need independentally to the regular coaching sessions, and when they feel capable they can then ask for assessment in order to achieve the next level.


Certificates will be awarded at each level.



Level 1 - Progress Awards 
Elliot Level 1s.jpg
Logan Level 1s.jpg
Level 2 - Progress Awards 
Level 3 - Progress Awards 
Level 4 - Progress Awards 
Level 5 - Progress Awards 
Level 6 - Progress Awards